Pegasus Project fell apart (Thermodyne Case)

SITUATION: After the Pegasus Project fell apart (Thermodyne Case) in February, you have been
hired by Mr. Webber as Pegasus project manager. As part of your new job, you are responsible for
developing the project recovery plan. The project requires the integration of many activities across
functional lines and subcontractors, including Product Development, Testing, Production and
Marketing. Although the project is in deep trouble right now, some progress had been made over the
past six month and Thermodyne management is determined to complete the project. Mr. Webber
informs you that 30 team members are now assigned full-time to this project. Some experts had
been hired recently who assessed the technical progress on the project and determined that it is
feasible to complete the Pegasus project within the next 12 months and within a budget of $1M.
The formal kick-off for the project re-start is scheduled for May 16.
Based on various meetings with key personnel of the new Pegasus team, you can determine the
following building blocks of the project:
The project is broken into four major team efforts, each requiring approximately equal
resources: (1) Product development led by Ralph has been started on April 5, and is
committed to be finished by October 31. The product development includes 7 interrelated
activity groups: R&D, concept design, mechanical design, electrical design, software
development, environmental permitting, and integration; (2) Prototyping led by Kate, to be
started on August 10 and finished by January 31; (3) Field Testingled by Kim, with activities
scheduled to start on January 15, 2010 and to be completed by March 25, 2010, and (4) Pilot
Production, scheduled to start on November 15 and to be completed by April 30, 2010.
Except for team 1, all other major teams organized their work into six task categories.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: From the information that you have gathered so far you have been asked to
develop a project summary plan for the newly restructured Pegasus Project, documented in standard
format. Data given are not “perfect” (similar to real world situation). Make any assumptions necessary
to develop your plan.



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