Patterns of effective communication in sexual relationships




Paper instructions:

Annotated Bibliography Requirements


The annotated bibliography will summarize, and assess each journal article selected. Articles must be academic in nature and should be from peer-reviewed journals. Each summary should be 1.5 pages long to receive full credit and it must clearly describe the content of the article (NOT the abstract), and should include the APA reference at the top of the summary. Please number each of your annotations. You will need to write an introduction to the topic and a conclusion that explores the connections between the articles. The introduction and conclusion will be worth 20 points, and the remaining 80 points will be based on your article summaries (10 points per annotation). (Note: Not all  databases are academic in nature – popular magazines, newspapers, etc are not considered appropriate for this project. The library provides resources to help you determine if an article is academic, and the librarians can also provide you with additional support in finding articles that are appropriate for the project).


Students will then use the information from their articles to create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic and related literature, to help their peers understand the current research on their topic. (You may use additional non-academic references as needed, provided that they are properly cited). Your presentation should provide an overview of the topic and provide the relevant information from your research and articles, so that your peers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic from your presentation. You will need to include your list of references on your last slides.




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