Oral Health (dental hygienist)

Oral health child case study, 11 years old boy has asthma, from oversea background (see the attached files).
You need to tie in elements from the course objectives:
1. Contribute to the general debate on the provision of general and oral health care for children and adolescents;
2. Generate new approaches to the organisation and provision of oral health services for children and adolescents;
3. Use an evidence based approach to the provision of information and care for children and adolescents; 4. Generate new organisational models for oral health care delivery for children and adolescents;
5. Generate methods for determining efficacy of antimicrobial therapy in relation to children and adolescents;
6. Generate research questions and proposals using evaluation of oral health indices;
In addition, completion of the clinical component of this course will develop the following clinical skills:
7. Demonstrate appropriate and effective communication with social and cultural sensitivity, with patients, carers and team members;
8. Demonstrate application and integration of knowledge of the aetiology, and effects of oral disease on the provision of treatment for children and adolescents;
9. Synthesise an appropriate treatment plan for preventive oral health care;
10. Develop appropriate preventive oral health strategies for patients with restored natural teeth and dental prostheses;
11. Provide community and individual care appropriate to the medical and oral health history for children and adolescents;
12. Utilise appropriate methods in individual preventive oral health care;
13. Instruct children and adolescents in appropriate methods of plaque control;
14. Develop strategies for the management of adverse effects of drugs and medications;


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