Based on your own organisation General civil aviation authority (or part of the organisation):
a) Identify, with justification, a critical issue relating to people that impacts effective performance within the organisation. In justifying your chosen issue, you

should analyse the organisational context using the course materials to show how the issue has arisen, and the impact that it has. (50% of the marks) b) Based on your

analysis; develop your recommendations and an outline plan to address the issue to improve organisational performance with clear justification for your proposed

approach – using the course materials. (20% of the marks) c) Identify the benefits that you expect to achieve from your recommendations and how these might be measured

to know if the benefits have been achieved. Include theories and models from the course materials to support your expectations of the potential benefits. Also identify

any major risks that might jeopardise the success of your recommendations. (30% of the marks)
NB: You may choose to answer this question for your organisation as a whole or for a business unit, division or department. Within your analysis and discussion you

should develop your learning from the course and use concepts and theories to help you to analyse, justify and discuss the issues and your plan and recommendations.
1.) Word count: 3,000 words (+20%/-10%) excluding appendices and bibliography/references. Exceeding or falling short of the admissible word count incurs a one-grade

penalty; i.e. the next lower grade will be applied to your overall assignment, or will be considered a Fail if 40% or more below or above the admissible scope for the

• Introduction and background about a civil avaiation authority who has an airnavigation services ( air traffic control)
• Serco problems recruiting company ( recruits air traffic controllers)
• Overall Transition Program problems ( after the OTP salaries are different for same grades and same jobs)
• Benefits ( no benefits except health insurance while other authorities has travel allowance, schooling and acomedation.)
• Sickness increased in the past years.
• Resignation increased
• Overall moral and loyalty is bad
• Types of ppl according to the material of study

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