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Assignment Part 1
Hospital acquired conditions are tied to reimbursement and impact patient safety and the delivery of quality care. Throughout this program, you will be asked to address critical issues related to patient safety and the role of the nurse in protecting patients from harm.
Instructions: Select one of the following types of hospital acquired conditions:
• Manifestations of poor glycemic control
• Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
• Air embolism
• Surgical Site infection following CABG, or Bariatric Surgery
Access the WGU library and search for current research articles related to one of the above hospital acquired conditions (events). You may use online/website references for this paper but for every online reference, you must include at least one journal reference obtained through the WGU library-please use wgu library to write this paper
Questions for Focus – please answer this 2 questions:
1. Briefly reflect on how this topic will affect your practice
2.Create a brief outline of the paper you will write (include the basic elements of your paper).

Open your Word document and write a 2-3 page paper (not including cover page or reference page) about the hospital acquired condition you have chosen.
• Begin with an introductory paragraph that introduces your subject/topic
• Cover the required contents:
o definition of Never Event you have chosen
o incidence of your topic
o causes of your topic
o nursing strategies to prevent your topic
• Write a conclusion paragraph that sums up the content of the paper
• Write with logical train of thought and transitions between paragraphs
• Cite information taken from sources in the body of the text using APA format
• Use appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling
• Include a page with a reference list in APA format
Your paper should be a complete draft that includes a reference page


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