Name two characteristics of fully developed Classical Style

The make-up of a String Quartet
Symphony (movements) – Typically, how many movements? Which movement(s) is (are) typically fast, slow, dance-related?
Sonata Form – Know the three basic sections and the similarities and differences between them. Also, know which movement of a symphony, string quartet, or sonata is usually in sonata form.
Theme and Variations
Rondo Form
Sonata-Rondo Form
Concerto – How many movements? What is the form of the first movement?
Answer questions on the following:
The years of the Classical period.
The Classical period is known as the Age of what?
The musical texture favored during the Classical period.
Difference in dynamics between the Baroque music and Classical music.
Difference in size between Baroque orchestra and Classical orchestra.
The significance of Vienna.
The effects of the rising middle class on music during the Classical period.
The birthplace (country) of all the composers discussed in class.
Who was a pioneer in the development of the string quartet?
Name one opera by Mozart.
Why is Beethoven seen as a bridge between the Classical and Romantic periods?
The significance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
What Classical composer was a famous child protégé?
What Classical composer became completely deaf?
The Romantic Period
Define the following terms:
Name three characteristics of the Romantic Style
Art Song
Strophic Form
Through-Composed Form
Song Cycle
Program Music
Concert Overture
Symphonic Poem
Answer questions on the following:
The years of the Romantic period.
The birthplace (country) of all the composers discussed in class.
Which composer is considered a master of the art song?
What female composer was also a famous pianist?
Which composer was the only great composer to write almost exclusively for the piano?
Which composer was the most famous and celebrated piano virtuoso of the Romantic period?
Who created the symphonic poem?
Which composer was also a music critic and one of the first great orchestral conductors?
Which composer was the most original member of the Russian Five?
List three characteristics of Russian folk music.
Who was the most famous Russian composer?
Name one ballet written by Tchaikovsky.
Name one Czech composer.
How is Brahms’s sound described?
What composer is considered the most popular of all opera composers?
Name one opera by Puccini.
How do Wagner’s operas differ from other Romantic operas?


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