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American History

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Discuss the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South from the perspective of at least TWO (2) of the following segments of society: (include names of individuals associated with each of the following)
Students (such as members of SNCC and SDS)
Lawyers and law enforcement officers
News reporters
Black activists/organizers
Government officials or politicians (either local, state, or federal)
White anti-Civil Rights activists
In addition, discuss the perspectives of both men and women in the movement. What part did gender play in the Civil Rights Movement? Did the fact one was a man or a woman impact how individuals were treated by members of the various Civil Rights organizers, politicians, law enforcement officers, or news reporters? Provide evidence, including a discussion of specific individuals, to support your position!
Based on the participant’s accounts, what were the “successes” and “failures” of the Civil
Rights movement? Was the outcome what the individuals who shared their stories expected? Explain in detail.


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