Music and health.

In this assignment you need to create a playlist for personal

use. You can choose the exact purpose of your playlist, but it must relate to promoting your own personal wellbeing. You must intentionally
choose music that suitsthe purpose ofthe playlist and draw on concepts and theory covered in lecturesto strategically organize the order
of each song. You will need to actively listen to the music you choose for your playlist, in orderto describe the song’s qualities and

test that it meets your intended purpose.

In the introduction, describe the purpose ofthe playlist and how music could be used to

promote the desired outcome. Here you must also clearly describe your process of creating the playlist, stating how you went about selecting
the songs and the order.

In the body ofthe assignment, list 10 pieces of music included in the playlist.

Use the tit e ofthe song

and its complete reference asthe heading for the discussion of each peice of music.

Discussthe songs in the order in which they appear

in the playlist. For each song, describe how it will contribute to your overall purpose. You can choose to describe musical aspects (the
beat, harmonies etc) and or non-musical aspects (associations etc) ofthe song. Use the literature throughout the assignment to justify your
claims about the benefits of music forthis purpose. Dedicate approximately 120 -140 words per song and include the song title and
reference details asthe subheading for each song.

In your conclusion, reflect on any potential mental health benefitsthat may result

through use ofthe playlist, and potential challenges you may see forthis form of music use.


We recommend APA6 referencing

style, however, your references can be in any style as long asthey are consistent.

lease include complete referencesto eac song as

the subheadings. Also include these references in the reference list.

-All citations included in the body ofthe assignment must appear in

the reference list according to your chosen referencing style.

Include a minimum of6 pieces of literature, integrated into the body of

the assignment.

You may choose to write the assignment in first person.

The reference list and subheadings are not included in the

word limit. ln-text citations are included in the word limit.

You may choose songs from any genre/style/culture

-Applications for

gecial consideration must be applied for through your student centre.

xample song citation in full:

PINK (2006). Stupid Girls. On I’m

not dead (CD/Album). Australia: Sony Music Entertainment.

Assessment criteria:

Successful reporting of all songs and citations in the

text, and correct referencing of song and literature references according to APA6 or other chosen style

lntegration ofthe literature

into the explanations about the choice of each song.

Capacity to critically reflect upon the potential use and challenges associated

with songs and playlists.

Clarity of writing and presentation.


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