Mrketing Research

Refer to Chapter 18, p. 591-592, Case 18.3, “Friendly market versus Circle K” of the Burns, A.C. and Bush, R.F. 2010 Marketing Research, Global edition, Pearson, Upper Saddle River textbook.
After reading the case study, you are required to use the SPSS datafile Friendly.sav, provided on Moodle under the link “Assessment 3” to answer the following questions:
1. For each of the variables, say which ones are nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scales and perform the appropriate descriptive analysis with SPSS on all the questions of the questionnaire. You should analyse the data using the SPSS software. A report format is not required for this assignment. However, structure and presentation of the assignment will count. A title page, executive summary, table of contents, body (introduction, identification of scales used in the questionnaire, answering of all the six questions, displaying and commenting on tables and figures and conclusion) are required for this assessment.
2. Do Friendly Market and Circle K have the same customers?
3. What is the demographic profile associated with Friendly Market’s customers?
4. What is the demographic profile associated with Circle K’s customers?
5. What is the lifestyle profile associated with Friendly Market’s customers?
6. What marketing conclusions do you draw from the above findings

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