Mohammed Al Fozan (Kuwait Finance House)

“Find a Question”

Prepare Interview questions with Mohammed Al-Fozan, CHIEF RETAIL BANKING OFFICER of Kuwait Finance House. And discuss his relations with INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (such as importing, exporting, foreign direct investment, working with/for foreign companies or personnel). In this essay, you need to include:

(1) A brief description Mohammed Al Fozan and his work;
(2) Key lessons the interviewee has learned from his/her international business experience;
(3) Main challenges the interviewee face at work (specifically, ask “if you can hire consultants to help your international business, what project(s) would you give them?)
(4) A specific topic you want to further explore.

This is the website’s official website:

Please try to find articles that are specific to Mohammed Al Fozan, and conduct the essay as if it was an interview with Mohammad Al Fozan.


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