Module: Changing Childhoods;

Assignment 1: Researching Archive Materials(1000 words)

Discuss a topic of your choice that you have identified within the archive documents. Your aim will be to explore how children and young people are represented in the selected archive

document/documents and how these might be used to illustrate possible constructs of childhood during the period in which the document was written.

The criteria which you are required to meet for this section of the module are as follows:
•    Clear evidence of the use of archive material as a primary source
•    Evidence of the attempt to identify the child’s/ young person’s perspective
•    Identification of a theoretical perspective on childhood found within the selected archive material
•    Links made to other academic evidence to support analysis and place the selected documents in their historical context

Key points to remember
•    Who is the source written by?
•    What content is included and why?
•    Note the dates- are they special in any way e.g. Independence day, Children’s Day etc
•    What is the style of language and why is the article written like this?
•    Who are the audience- potential readers?
•    What issues are raised?
•    Anything unusual with the article?

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