Modern Period

I. Theme-based Essay:
Using any one character or any one author (poets also) we discussed from the Modern Period (and ONLY from the Modern Period), write a three to five page analysis of how this character (author, poet) exemplifies an ?examined life.? You may find it easier to focus on one or more of the following concepts.
Love Hope Courage
Virtue Honesty Temperance
Faith Justice Nature

II. Specific Topic Essay:
Write a three to five page essay using ONE of the topics below.
1. Thoroughly analyze how Machiavelli?s ideas concerning generosity, mercy, and deception could be used to promote an honorable life. You may also apply these ideas to our current political leaders. Ask yourself this question: How would an individual live a more honorable life if he or she chose to live according to Machiavelli?s ideas, or how would a politician govern more admirably is he or she chose to follow Machiavelli?s concepts?
2. Thoroughly analyze Shakespeare?s idea / use of gender identity in Twelfth Night. You should analyze the ?deeper? meanings of gender identity / roles, and how these meanings are still relevant and still affect our lives today.
3. Thoroughly analyze the various modes of love that Shakespeare portrays in Twelfth Night. Eros, philos, and even agape are all presented in this play. You need to explore the connection of the various kinds of love and the discretions required to make this connection.
4. Thoroughly analyze Shakespeare?s use of mockery or discrimination (Malvolio) as compared to the real discrimination of 17th century England. Remember that Malvolio is not of royal descent. You could also focus on the discrimination of females in this period, as long as you incorporate Twelfth Night into the essay.
5. Thoroughly analyze by comparing and contrasting Milton?s view of the fall of man in Paradise Lost with the biblical view of the fall.
6. Thoroughly analyze Rousseau?s views on how a young woman should be raised and cultured as described in ?Marriage? (from Emile) with the modern view. You may also treat this as a comparison and contrast between the Enlightenment view of womanhood and the modern view of womanhood.
7. Thoroughly analyze the use of symbolism or metaphor in ANY Romantic or Modern poetry we discussed. You may compare and contrast any two poets, or you may strictly analyze certain poems by the same poet.
8. Thoroughly analyze the poetry of ANY ONE poet we discussed from the Romantic or Modern periods. You must examine WHY the poet wrote about certain issues or topics and WHY these issues were of importance to this particular poet. You should focus on more than one poem; try to use as many poems from this poet as possible.
9. Thoroughly analyze Tolstoy?s treatment of the ?inauthenticity? of placing pretensions over compassion as illustrated in The Death of Ivan Ilyich. You may compare the narcissistic attitude of most of Tolstoy?s characters with the genuineness of one particular character.
10. Thoroughly analyze the underlying biblical (Christian) message evident in Tolstoy?s The Death of Ivan Ilyich. You should use specific references from the Bible and compare these to specific references from Tolstoy.
11. Thoroughly analyze the theme of ?family obligation? in ?Barn Burning?. You may also compare and contrast Faulkner?s use of this theme with ANY other work we have discussed.
12. Thoroughly analyze the theme of the ?Old South? as depicted by Faulkner in ?Barn Burning?.
13. Thoroughly analyze the theme of ?peer pressure? in Wright?s ?The Man Who was Almost a Man.? You may compare and contrast Wright?s use of this theme with Faulkner?s use of this theme in ?Barn Burning?.
14. Thoroughly analyze the use of ?free will? in Camus? short story ?The Guest.? You may compare his use of free will with ANY other work we have discussed.
15. Thoroughly analyze ?characterization? by comparing and contrasting how any TWO of these authors achieve a genuine and believable character: Faulkner, Wright, and Camus. You may also reflect on how the situation certain characters are placed in determines how these characters react.
Important Requirements:
?You must a thesis statement in the first paragraph of your essay.
?You must use two other sources other than the text. This means that you should have a minimum of three sources (quite possibly four sources) listed on the Works Cited page.
?You MUST cite references from the work or works you have chosen.
?Your essay MUST be in MLA style.
?You MUST use in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
?All quotes over four lines long must be indented.
? Limit the use of first person point of view.
?The Works Cited page is NOT considered in the page requirement.
Suggested Sites for MLA documentation: (Under HELP, Works Cited / Bibliography help)



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