Modern Japan Origins of The Mind


Asian Studies

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Essay 3? Read Alexander Prasol, Modern Japan: Origins of The Mind, World Scientific, 2010.
After You will select one (1) of the following prompts and build a cogent, logical, and historically interpretive essay addressing the issues of the question you select. Your essay should build a thesis that directly addresses the issues of the question you select. You should use supporting evidence and logic derived from the book itself and properly cited. Finally, your answer should be specific and to the point and not some general discussion that relies on other information and general knowledge not derived from your readings. This is due May 8, 2013.

1. Please describe and discuss in some detail how Professor Prasol?s rather eclectic collection of observations and analysis provides insights into both the national character and the mental landscapes of the contemporary Japanese. Make sure you discuss at least three specific examples.
2. There is nothing in our present world that has not come to us and is derived from something in the past. Focus on at least three examples of contemporary values, ethics or behaviors manifested by the Japanese and trace the development and evolution of those characteristics back to their historical roots. Can you derive any larger insights or understandings of Japanese history from your analysis?
3. Japan?s relationship with the outside world has included a set of behaviors characterized by many, Professor Prasol included, as imitation, adaptation and perfection. Explain at least three examples of significant contemporary components of Japanese culture that have been produced through those processes. Would you say your examples remain Japanese ?imitations? of some other culture?s elements or have the genuinely become Japanese ?innovations??
4. Of Professor Prasol?s sixteen chapters, which three did you find the most interesting and why? What sorts of insights and understandings did your chosen three chapters provide you?

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