Methodology paper-based on literature review

(No websites or books, mainly peer-reviewed articles and research within 5 years)

The Methodology refers to a theoretical approach applied to gather data pertinent to a field of study. For this assignment, determine which methodology you will use in your program evaluation proposal include introduction and answer the following:
-Define the chosen methodology.
-Justify the choice of methodology and the rationale for the choice.
-Determine and discuss your data collection process.
-Describe how the methodology will be applied to the program evaluation.

Grading rubric:

1. Selects methodology most appropriate to program evaluation and supports with peer reviewed research

2.Describes the application of a specific design methodology chosen to facilitate a program evaluation with support from research in peer reviewed journals

3.Analyzes the importance of identifying the appropriate methodology for the program evaluation citing research from peer review journals

4. Describes the data collection method and supports it with research from peer reviewed sources.

5. Communicates in a professional manner using scholarly resources that support the analysis by connecting concepts through clear, concise, well- organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions.

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