Medical Nutrition Therapy

Subject: Nutrition
While working as a dietitian in the New Children Hospital, your director asked you to present a short seminar on cystic fibrosisas part of the Dietetic Department continuous professional education (CPE) program.
The following question will help you to present detailed information about the disease and approaches to medical treatment and nutrition intervention. Prepare answers to these questions using questions as subtitles.
1. Give a general overview of the disease
2. Describe the etiology(disease process) including complications
3. How is the disease treated medically, include medications and other procedures
4. What are the major nutrition & biochemistry issues for this disease
5. What diagnostic tests are used for the diagnosis of CF
6. Typical lap test used for assessment include some vitamins, and minerals, liver function test, pancreatic function, FBG.
a. Identify vitamins and minerals tested in patients with CF, and explain the reasons why they are of concern.
b. Why is it important to test liver an pancreatic functions, and FBG in patient with CF?
7. Explain the focus of the nutrition intervention in patients with CF
8. List six principal nutrition interventions typically provided for patients with CF
9. Provide information about this disease among Qatari population

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