?Please take a look at
from the Mayo Clinic’s web page. It’s a BLOG posting about a Good Morning America TELEVISION appearance by a couple of 90 year old visitors to the Mayo Clinic who were innocently caught on film having fun on a lobby piano. (You can watch the video if you scroll down the web page link above.) The video turned up on YouTube and created a worldwide sensation. What do you make of all this? What lessons does it teach you as a public relations practitioner? Do tell!?
?If you haven’t seen or don’t remember this commercial
then you must be living on another planet. It’s the original Old Spice Guy, who later went on to become a viral video sensation

Old Spice Man Answers Tweets On YouTube—Ropes In Kevin Rose, Alyssa Milano, And Justine Bateman

with Old Spice using Twitter and YouTube to raise awareness and add a new level of hip-ness to the stodgy Old Spice brand. (Check out both of those links to learn more.) The question is, did it work? This guy
isn’t so sure. What do you think? Let’s discuss both how this campaign worked — what made it brilliant? And how might it possibly have gone wrong??
?Most video productions have a narrator. Some are seen on-screen; others are merely ?voiceovers? ? we hear them but don?t see them. Sometimes narrators are chosen for strategic reasons. Let?s say, for example, that you are producing a video for a new loft development project in downtown St. Louis. Past buyers have been mostly single men. Your research shows that single women are more afraid to live alone downtown. Your video will contain information that demonstrates that living downtown is just as safe as living in the suburbs. You want to use this information to attract more female buyers. Here?s the question: how does this information impact your selection of the video?s narrator? Describe the kind of ?voice? you?re looking for: male or female, young or old? What other characteristics might you look for in the voice??

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