Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch

Subject: Marketing
Module: Marketing in Practice

Assignment Title: Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch
-Devise appropriate marketing mix strategies for a given situation.
Assessment Criteria To achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:

-Analyse the situation they are presented with.

-Evaluate and select the appropriate marketing mix tools.

-Present a detailed plan of these marketing mix activities.



Your recently written report detailing the proposed plans for the launch of a new product in the technology sector has been well received and the client organisation is now keen for your team to devise and present to their senior management team a detailed plan for an appropriate and effective marketing campaign in preparation for the forthcoming product launch.


An individual report which should be of a recognised format. It should include the following sections:

-Main findings
-Reference list attached
Please note that all sources used should be acknowledged.
In support of the above presentation you will also be expected to submit an individual written report (max. 1000 words) to the client organisation?s senior management team which will focus on the following criteria:

-Evaluation of the appropriateness of selected promotional tools to support your decision in using them to bring about a successful marketing campaign.

-Demonstrate how the selected promotional tools will be fully utilised in devising a creative mix of marketing activities suitable for a successful marketing campaign.



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