marketing blog report

(1) One (1) marketing blog. Based on a service product ‘live case’ experience, analyse and evaluate the experience in a marketing context.

(2) A marketing report. Evaluation of the service product ‘live case’ experience in a marketing context and recommends an outcome to the firm that will add value for

future customers.

In reporting your experience as a blog, you are required to recall a critical incident that influenced your overall evaluation of the experience.  Consider the

following questions to help guide the process:
•    Describe the critical incident concisely.
•    At what stage in the live case experience did it happen?
•    What specific circumstances led up to the critical incident?
•    Did you understand the ‘script’ that is, what was expected of you; the process to follow?  Was it new and thus how did this make you feel?
•    What mood or frame of mind were you in?  How did this impact on the experience?
•    Exactly what did the employee say or do if involved?
•    What resulted in making you feel the interaction was satisfying/dissatisfying (this should support the evaluation provided on the scale below)
Other points to consider / include in blog if relevant
•    Include the day of week and time of day the service product experience occurred.
•    Where you by yourself or with other friends? How many?
•    Did the number of other customers present shape your experience? How?
•    How did the service product environment (physical evidence) influence your experience? Be specific.
•    Observe the operational processes and how they influence the experience. Could be a cause of the critical incident.

Information to collect for the report
•    Determine the keep criteria (factors/attributes) to evaluate the live case experience. What factors might lead a customer in the target market to select this

service product firm?  These are factors that the customer considers will deliver VALUE. (Consider the service quality dimensions on page 331 of the text as a starting


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