Managing Marketing

Subject: Marketing

A) Mode of working
1. You are required to produce a piece of academic work (maximum of 3000 words), in report format, which demonstrates an understanding of key aspects of the MSc Managing Marketing Module. The response to the brief clearly needs to have a theoretical and conceptual perspective, giving evidence of reading, understanding and critical argument and should be explicitly referenced.

2. Your response to the brief needs to be grounded in a ‘real world’ business context based on your organization, or one of your choice.

3. A tolerance of 10% is permitted in the word-count (i.e., maximum possible 3300 words). The Executive summary, Headings, Reference list and other Appendices are not included in the word-count.

4. Mode of working: This is an individual assignment and University policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained an unfair advantage.

B) Tasks
The role of marketing, at both the operational and strategic levels, does not always get the recognition it deserves. As the recently appointed Marketing Manager (in an organisation of your choice), you wish to develop the role and position marketing correctly in your organisation. You have therefore decided to present a case to the senior management team to demonstrate the benefits this would bring to the firm. The aim is to demonstrate how operational management can be developed through changes to the structure, processes and the team involved in the delivery of marketing.
To support this proposal, a budget should be drawn up that covers the changes proposed, along with a performance monitoring system, which will demonstrate how proper operational marketing can lead to improvements. This should be supported by a business case with a step-by-step explanation of how the changes will be effected.
For your own organization, or one of your own choosing, prepare a report to present to the Management Board to address the following issues:

Task One
Critically evaluate the differences between management and leadership, considering the traits, skills and attitudes required for each.
Evaluate the current role of the operational marketing manager – or what you assume it to be- covering all relevant operational areas

Task Two
Critically evaluate the current organisational structure for delivering marketing, including the degree of integration of the marketing operation.
Recommend improvements to the structure, which could be enacted by the operational marketing manager.

Task Three
Determine the need for establishing and building the team through an appropriate structure, the roles involved and the development of a cohesive team. Propose approaches to sourcing an appropriate team for supporting the operational marketing manager.

Task Four
Prepare a budget for the changes required to develop the role of the operational marketing manager, including the team changes and associated marketing operations and activities. Evaluate the information sources required to determine the budget, taking into account both internal and external data.

Task five
Establish systems to monitor the financial performance of marketing operations, once the role of the operational marketing manager has been developed. Include standards of performance, comparing actual versus forecast performance and plans to improve performance.
Brief background to your organisation, its customer base, position in the market and product/service range, (up to a maximum of two sides of A4)
Description of the marketing function/department in the context of the organisation and the typical activities in which the marketing department is involved, including a departmental structure diagram (up to a maximum of one side of A4)


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