Major Features of Silver Nanoparticles in New Zealand Aquatic Systems


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Research Paper Assignment

Historically, water quality science has focused on a suite of well identified ‘macropollutants’ that are typically present in relatively large quantities and reasonably well understood.

Novel ‘pollutants’ constantly emerge and present new challenges. Your assignment is to summarize the major features of a novel pollutant in a concise ‘fact sheet’ with a target audience of your peers (i.e. people with a general knowledge of water quality issues).
Select one of the following pollutants to explore:

1. Dicyandiamide

2. Nanoparticles (Ag, TiO2, carbon, etc.. Select one specific material for your report)

Create a two page ‘fact sheet’ that details the following:

1. Descriptive Title and your name

2. Problem statement: Basic statement regarding the evidence of the problem and its extent. What is the material? What is it used for? What is it’s prevalence? What is the potential pollution problem?

3. Pollutant details: include details regarding the chemical form of the pollutant, its source, pathway to aquatic systems, fate in aquatic systems, any key processes that affect its toxicity, methods for measuring the pollutant and its ecological effects and any known environmental criteria levels.

4. Human health and ecological consequences: Describe what is known and yet to be determined regarding the effects of this pollutant on human and ecological health.

5. Prospects for management: Describe potential strategies/methods for managing the pollutant. What types of research/data are needed to manage this material?

The paper should be comprised of two typed (1.5 space) pages of text with font no less than 11 point. Provide references on additional pages. The paper must reference sources from the scientific literature, but may also include other sources (e.g. government, industry reports, etc.) as well.


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