Live Performance and Critique

listen to Yolanda Adams song (Still I Rise) and answer How to Write Your Live Performance Papers
Questions for Preparation
At your live performance, choose a composition then write your paper by answering the following questions:
1) What is the name and composer of the composition you choose to write about? Give the full name of the composition/“piece.” Do not choose the entire concert but focus on one work.
2) Define the name of the form/genre? You can find this most of this info on Blackboard under the Research tool. For example, the composition that you heard could be one of the following:
a. The Spiritual
b. The Blues
c. Jazz
i. Swing
ii. Cool
iii. Cool Jazz for example
d. R&B
e. Rap (Hip Hop)
f. Gospel
g. Oratorio
h. Symphony
i. Calypso
j. Mento
Then work on your mechanics/components:
3) What is the rhythm in your specific composition?
4) Describe something about the pitch.
5) Describe something about the melody.
6) Describe something about the harmony.
Finally, aesthetically, what do you think?
7) What are your aesthetic preferences for choosing to write about your example you chose? Now you can make statements subjective viewpoints, i.e., is the harmony (combination of chords or harmonic make up) pleasing?



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