Literature of East Asia

Term paper: This can consist of a study of a single author or work, or of a literary genre, movement, style, or theme. It should include a bibliography of primary and secondary sources?You are welcome to submit preliminary drafts or outlines for my comments; the final version . You will also deliver a short oral presentation (10-12 minutes) of the content of your paper on November 26 or December 3. Evaluation of the term paper and presentation will be based, in part, on the degree to which you are able to incorporate proficiency in at least some of the areas outlined in the Learning Outcomes (literary history and analysis, cultural and social history, and an awareness of gender, ethical, or environmental concerns). A preliminary proposal, including bibliography and a brief description and outline, 50% of final grade
I. The final paper should deal with some aspect of the material covered in this course; you are encouraged to explore the cultural implications of literary works, as well as their relationships with societal and historical developments. Comparative analysis of works from different traditions is also encouraged. For example:

1. Compare two or more works or authors of different periods, nationalities, or genres, to explore common themes and styles, underlying similarities or differences, influences, and so forth. For example, I Have the Right to Destroy Myself and Coin Locker Babies, Ono no Komachi and Li Qingzhao, Paradise of the Blind and Please Take Care of Mom, or even comparisons with non-Asian works, such as One Hundred Years of Solitude with Yu Hua’s recent fiction, Into a Black Sun and The Naked and the Dead, or Pow with Dr. Zhivago.
II. A short summary of your paper topic? This should include a list of sources, a short précis of your methodology and hypothesis, and an outline of the main topics to be covered in the paper. Please be aware that the proposal has to be 2 pages. Double space, Thank you.


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