Literary Modernism – Lost Generations

Topic: Literary Modernism – Lost Generations

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Final Research Project

It’s the writer’s curiosity—not the teacher’s—that is at the heart of the college research paper.”
~from The Curious Researcher by Bruce Ballenger

Your Task:
For this assignment, you will spend time deeply investigating a topic of interest related to the larger theme of this course, which is focused on The Lost Generation in Paris in the 1920s (as introduced in the books Paris France by Gertrude Stein, and The Book of Salt, by Monique Truong). You will choose a topic, narrow your focus down to an arguable thesis, conduct research, learn about your topic, write an annotated bibliography, and then you will write a paper and, in groups, give a short presentation about your findings before and possibly during finals week.

You will need to construct a point/argument for your essay, and it should lead back to the overarching topic of this section of the class: The Lost Generation. For example, you might pose a question that you will turn into your Thesis (main point): What makes ____________ a part of The Lost Generation? OR Why is ____________ a unique reflection of The Lost Generation? How was _____ a direct result of the effects of and attitudes after WW1 and The Lost Generation? Etc.
Organization Tips for writing your paper:

Introduction: A unique hook, introduce the concept/topic, providing extra context and intrigue.
Body: Think of your essay body paragraphs in terms of sections. Within each section, you can then write 2-3 paragraphs to elaborate on one of your key points.
Conclusion: Challenge yourself to write a longer conclusion paragraph than usual, one that discusses the significance.

Research Requirements:
• At least 4 total research sources
¬ At least 2 Scholarly Sources from a Library database
¬ At least 1 Media Sources (news/magazine/editorial)
¬ At least 1 full-length book—this can include the book/s Paris France and The Book of Salt (additional books or e-books are fine as well)
¬ Other sources: Primary sources/documents, interviews, films, podcasts, etc.

Note: Wikipedia, dictionary/encyclopedia websites, or personal blogs can only be used for your own information gathering process, but will not be counted as one of the above sources. If you do use these types of sources, make sure to cite them along with the other required sources.

Tips for Success:
• Know what your research question is and make sure it isn’t too broad or too narrow.
• Take plenty of notes and annotate your research material as you go through it.
• Feel free to include your personal voice in this essay, especially when you introduce your topic. Make sure your reader knows why this topic or issue matters.
• Utilize campus resources like the LIBRARY, the Course Website, and your TEACHER.
• If you are stuck, ask for help!
• Use our ‘textbooks’ (Reading & Writing About Lit…) or online Rhetoric or or something similar to help with your MLA Works Cited Page
Non-Negotiable Requirements for this Research Project:

• Approximately 4-6 Pages, double spaced, standard margins (MLA format)
• Must include Works Cited page and In-Text citations (MLA format)
• Must include a Title that creatively reflects the findings of your research
• Must attach initialed Research Plan, Annotated Bibliography, Prep work, R. Draft and Peer Review—and place all of these in a Folder.

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