Subject: Education

1) How and when did you learn how to speak, read and write? Ages and then a brief description.
2) In which language did you learn to speak, orally comprehend, read and write first and why? (This was English for me)
3) What literacy/language development experiences have you experienced in your lifetime?
4) Were there specific individuals who affected and influenced your literacy/language development positively or negatively?
5) How did schooling impact your literacy/language development?
6) What were the contexts in which you felt you were most successful in learning a second language? (I learned spanish as my 2nd language, because my grandparents, and parents spoke it at home. I also had an aunt who taught spanish in elementary school.
7) What circumstances led to maintenance or loss of languages in your family? (Maintenance of learning Spanish was because my parent’s and grandparents spoke spanish daily.
8) What texts have you found to be influential, and what language(s) were they written? (I need help on this one)!!! I need a book, because I learned how to read and speak Spanish through my family, but learned how to write it in school.
9) How have your feelings about litecy/language development changed over time? (I continue to use Spanish in my job, especially when I am working with a students parents.


1) In what ways do you hope to serve as a source of support for ELLs? (Please speak about how my student’s can benefit from my academic accomplishment’s, and learn how to master English Language properly)!!!


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