Lean management – Supply Chain Manageent

Lean management – Supply Chain Manageent
Course: Supply Chain Management.
Subject: Lean Management
Level: MBA
Language: UK English standard
Level of write up: Critical literature review
Word count: Not less than 2,500 up to +10%. (Appendix, References mentioned in the write up and in the reference section will not be counted in the word count).
Reference: As per Harvard referencing.
Cover Page: Pls include a cover page contents for the assignment.
Attachments included:
1. Assignment brief from the University. Pls follow the instruction strictly.
2. Lecture notes for guidance.

***Assignment write up procedure to follow:
In the attachment “Lecturer Assignment 2” the lecturer has given detail structure on how to write the assignment. It starts from slide 13 onwards. Pls follow this strictly. The lecture has also supplied tools for this.

Pls beware of plagrism and similarity.

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