leadership (quality and academic accreditation)

Topic: leadership (quality and academic accreditation)

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this should go under (programs quality) not management but couldn’t find an option
Well very briefly. Our college programs are seeking for academic accreditation. So the national qualification framework has set some standards to be applied by the University’s programs in order to get accreditation.
We, the members of the Physics departments, have been working on the standards given by the national qualification framework. We sent our work to some reviewers before submitting the documents officially. They reported that some parts need to discussed more. My part discusses the second standard (leadership)
I tried my best to write everything about our department and how it leads properly. You will read the attached and certainly will understand what I mean.
The work consists of 7 pages but I only want you to work on the highlighted portions which they count as 2 pages
Try to write whatever u know as general information. Some parts need to be edited by a professional writer like you.

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