Latin American Revolution in Film

Project description
FINAL GUIDED PROJECT. For this assignment, the student is asked to search out a minimum of THREE research articles, TWO primary sources, and TWO films on a topic

focused on Latin American revolutions.

You are encouraged to let your interests and creativity guide you in the research for your topic; however, the research must be focused on a 20th or 21st century Latin

American revolution. You must be prepared to briefly (2 mins) present and discuss your proposed research topic. Be sure to highlight possible films and the types of

sources with which you intend to work.

*please choose a topic that is simple and fulfill the assignment topic( don’t choose complicated topics). And please support your argument with a supporting detail.

Try to make the essay as straight forward as possible.

In approximately 3 pages, you must address the following:
1) Explain the subject of your paper and why you chose it, including the driving concerns or questions explored in the essay.
2) Relate your topic to previous discussions and assigned readings from class.
3) Bibliography that distinguishes between primary and secondary sources.

In approximately 5 pages total, you must create:
1) An analytical chronology of your topic (3 pages)
2) An annotated bibliography of your sources (2 pages)

• Give a descriptive title (Who/What; When; Where) to your chronology
• You must cite your sources by using footnotes or endnotes; Chicago or MLA styles are preferred.

Format: Your grade will be based upon the overall organization of your paper, the clarity of writing, the existence of an argument, and support for your argument. It

is in your best interest to proofread your text carefully.
• 10-12 pages in length (excluding bibliography)
• Bibliography
• Double-spaced; 12 size TNR font; 1-inch margins; Page numbers
• Give a descriptive title (Who/What; When; Where)
• You must cite your sources by using footnotes or endnotes; Chicago or MLA styles are preferred.

Sources: All sources must be from different authors and directors and appear in different academic journals. In addition, articles should be between 20-30 pages in

length. Do not use book reviews or review essays. You may use films assigned in class, but are strongly encouraged to seek alternative film sources. Also, assigned

course readings may be referenced, but will not satisfy minimum source requirements for this assignment.

1. Your paper should introduce your topic, the film, articles, and primary sources by authors/director and titles, and then summarize how the film, articles, and

primary sources fit into your topic.

2. The bulk of the essay should examine, critique, and compare/contrast the major arguments of each author and film. In addition, you should discuss the types of

sources the authors use to support their arguments (statistical data, oral history/interviews, images, government reports, etc.) and compare/contrast these sources to

each other, to the films, and to the primary source(s) you found.

3. In conclusion, judge the validity of the historical arguments presented in each source.

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