Begin by giving a brief history of the designer, then talk about the
freestanding boutique or store. Talk about all of the following (focusing
only on MENS):
• Visual Window Display
• Visual Merchandising / Merchandise Presentation
• Product assortment
• Employees / Staff Knowledge about product
• Location of Store and Shop in Shop
• Layout of Store and Shop in Shop
After visit the shop in shop within a retail store; then compare and contrast
the differences from the boutique or stand-alone store – be very detail in
your explanation. Make sure to be as specific as possible, referring back to
the visual displays, employees, location, and layout noting similarities and
Next, summarize your experience giving your personal overall option –
stating the strengths and weakness of both locations — giving detail
Last, find out if the company is private of public and if it is listed on the
NASDAQ stock exchange – if so what’s the stock price.

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