Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Write an essay based on Karl Marx (1818-1883) Its MLA format and I need a reference page The text book needed in Living Religion, Mary Pat Fisher 9th ed and is on charter 1. Prof. Instruction as Follows:
In this essay, please give additional details on a theorist you found to be of interest in Chapter 1. Remember to frame your paper in the MLA format which you can configure in Microsoft Word under the References tab. I am also going to post a few MLA cheat sheets for your reference to help you internally cite and build a Works Cited page. There are 3 parts to this paper; 1. a brief historical overview of your theorist, 2. a brief account of their contribution to the academic study of religion, 3. and finally, your opinion with regards to his/her theories. Do you buy it? Can these ideas be mapped on to your own personal understanding of religious traditions found around the world?

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