Lawrence Liverless is being tried before a jury for the armed robbery and murder of a convenience-store clerk. The jury was drawn exclusively from lists of registered voters and those with registered motor vehicles.

The indictment alleges that Liverless shot and killed the clerk befrore prying open the cash register and stealing the $451 in it. Because the video surveillance camera was not working at the time of the robbery, the prosecution is relying heavily on the testimony of Officer Dusty Broome, who arrived at the scene of the robbery in response to a silent alarm triggered by the clerk before he was shot. Officer Broome testified that he did not see the perpetrator but that, before he died, the clerk said the robber had a tattoo of a dragon on his right arm. Liverless has such a tattoo on his right arm.

The defense objects to the make-up of the jury and also to Officer Broome’s testimony concerning the tattoo. How should the judge rule on these objections?

Working with your same small group as previously set up, arrive at an agreed response or statement (approximately one page in length) which answers the above questions.

Explain your answer fully with reference to the facts and the relevant law as contained in your course readings.

Same as before, remember to rotate your “spokesperson” to do the final draft and posting of the statement.

(Source: Scheb and Scheb: Criminal Law and Procedure)

Please use the source above^^^

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