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The subject is public administration but I could not find it in the choices
Read and review lecture in word document & chapters 6-8 from Farmer, D.J. (2010). Public Administration in Perspective: Theory and Practice through Multiple Lenses. New York: M.E. Sharpe.
Second: responses to the following 1- list the facts that you read. (it has to be many facts as much as possible( between 25-30) while reading write the facts you find so you can catch most facts)This should be as comprehensive a list as possible. The facts do not have to be listed in sentence format and better done with as few words as possible
2. Describe in detail (three of the facts) that you listed in number 1. Be descriptive in this section as you will be discussing the facts in more detail in the next section. 3- Discuss each fact and its significance to American public administration. Discuss the pros and the cons (for each fact). You can take from the literature, the PowerPoint lectures, and your own experiences of living and working in the United States.
( I have not work in the U.S but you can mentioned experience for people assuming that I know them)
. 4. Finally, discuss why these facts are important to us. Why should we care as public administrators and/or citizens? (Please, you must (in your own words) show proper English and critical thinking). Important note: Apply these facts to the American public administration experience and discuss why each fact is important for us as a citizen?s .Beside use citation to make your argument stronger it is mandatory to show your analyses for these facts. Review the questions while writing to make sure you catch everything.(see the sample). 12 font size, times new roman I have attached the lecture, the journal sample and writing guide please review them.


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