Jane Goodall “In the Shadow of Man”

Jane Goodall “In the Shadow of Man”
Paper instructions:
In this reading, we enter in to Jane’s description of how her chimps at the Gombe National Forest deal with death. You should know that Jane names the chimps she studies, so as she refers to Gilka, Olly, Melissa, Fifi and Flo, she is discussing a mother (Olly) and daughter (Gilka) as they deal with the death of an infant. She goes on to discuss the process of Mr. McGregor’s death later in the chapter.


For this short response paper, I would like you to read the selection and discuss for me the following:


How do the different chimps respond to death?
Do they all have the same reaction?
What was the disease that crippled the Gombe chimps during this study?
How did Mr. McGregor adapt to his illness?
Who was Mr. McGregor’s closest friend?
What was the reaction of McGregor’s close friend to his problems?
Do you see signs of compassion among the chimps? Or would you classify their reactions as something different?
What do their behaviors indicate for chimpanzee social behaviors?

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