It’s a Hip-Hop World

It’s a Hip-Hop World –(6 points)
Length 600 words

1) Prach Ly is a Cambodian hip hop artist who has become very famous. Visit the following links and read the interview with him as well as listen to his songs, “Power

Territory & Rice” and “Resurrec”

2) Read the article Its a Hip Hop World” by Jeff Chang. It is included here in the extra credit folder.

Write an essay and comparing Prach Ly’s music to the ideas in Jeff Chang’s article “Its a Hip Hop World”.
You can take any position you like.

In your essay make sure you are mostly using your own words and ideas.
When you describe what a source says paraphrase with your own words in order to indicate how you understand what the source is saying. When you use direct quotes make

it clear using “quotation marks”. In both cases when using quotes or paraphrasing make sure to cite your sources
In general please avoid copying definitions or descriptions from you sources word for word.

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