ITM Innovation Technology Management

Assignment One I

insights into the firm’s innovative potential and into the irarriers to innovation are

necessarv to malte effective proactive strategic clroices
Criticallv analvse the above statement.
Identify firms that have succeeded in rising innovartiorr and those which have been criticised
in regards to their ufstrategic management of technologv and innovation. Criticailv
assess the shortcoming of their a1p_pr’oacl1 and its impact of organisatiorral performance.

ldentify the harriers to innovation and how firms can overcome this to main: effective

strategic choice using relevant organisational examples

{25 marks]


1. Thorough literature review musl. he evident and these should be backed lav
relevant organisational examples
25′. Discussion and debate on the use of innovation as a strategv lav firms
competitiveuadvantage should be seen. The harr’ier’s to innovation should be
e:-nplained and how firms can overcome his should be stated clearlv.
3. Disctissiorr and Llehate on the shortcomings firms are likelv to face should he
backed bv relevant corporate e}rample_s
4. Barriers to innovation bv fir_ms_and hovv firms can overcome should he
er-rplained in detail.
5. Harvard stvle of references should be used.
Please ensure that the report assignment has
I A table of rzorrtnnts
I A list of figures and,’ or list of ‘tables where appropriate

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