Investment Stock Analysis

Answer the following about Apple Inc Stock
Prepare risk factors, prepare statistical analysis, average return over last 12 months, prepare standard deviation, include IPO price, what exchange is it on price you purchased at (current day) why you did not use a broker, your view bull or bear market, did you use margin, is your position long or short, is stock included in index , is it growth or income stock investment, standard deviation, international access, diversible vs nondiversible risk, beta interpretation, capital asset pricing model, type of market, (bullish, correction, bearish) stock snapshot, EPS, Div, Yield, Book value, market value, market capitalization, large, small mid-cap, is it blue chip, income, growth. What is the current economic outlook and industry outlook, what is potential profitability include key ratios ROE p?E PEG Book value per share price to book value ratio

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