intro psychology

1. Briefly compare and contrast the Piagetian “schema” (or scheme)
and the Freudian “defense mechanism”, and compare Freud, Erikson, &
Piaget’s developmental stages for children and adolescents.

2. Which of the main theories we have studied is most interesting and
seems most relevant to you, and why — and which is least interesting
and relevant? (Biological, Behavioral, Cognitive, Psychodynamic,
Humanistic, or Social)?

3. Do you think Freud was too pessimistic about human nature? Is
humanistic psychology closer to the truth, or too optimistic?

4. Is unconscious motivation important or not? (Consider behaviorist
and cognitive objections to invoking the psychodynamic unconscious in
psychological explanations).

5. Consider a real or fictional group of your own choosing. Describe
and explain how dependency and fight-flight assumptions disrupt the
group’s work.


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