International Market Research – Research on Apple’s perceived image

International Market Research – Research on Apple’s perceived image

You are asked to make a research to evaluate the image of a brand : APPLE
– You can choose the brand
– You must explain the context of the research and the marketing issue you want to explore or solve
– You must decide the population target and the objectives of the research : what you want to know regarding the marketing issue and brand context

In our case, we need to evaluate Apple’s image issue due to an event: Child labor in their manufacturing facilities in China as well as a strong competitor starting to overtake Apple’s market share : Samsung.

You will find uploaded a word document called Apple INC which represents the basis of our research plan. You will find some of the main issues to be discussed. Moreover, for this work , we will be asked to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research and thus we have to build a set of questions to be asked.

For this order, I need a set of 2 pages including qualitative questions that we will use to ask APPLE’s customers to check “Has the brand kept its “inspiring” image in its customers’ mind?”

The questions must first of all be about the regular use of Apple products by those customers, their relationships with the brand , their closeness with it … After introducing the main issues that may or may not influence Apple’s brand image in its customers’ mind.

You will also find two powerpoint document , one called Project Instructions, including all the professor’s instructions for this project, as well as another one called COURSE SUPPORT, including the professor’s course.

The questions that the writer will be provided, will be used for live interviews in order for us to conduct our research.


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