International Management Competencies

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework

Task Details:

Section 1 should contain a self- evaluation of your attributes, skills and competencies relevant to a future career in international management. It should comment on your personal development in these areas.

The self-evaluation should utilise the concepts, tools, theories and ideas introduced on the module through the module topics and the recommended readings and exercises on the topics. (Such as: cross culture management skills, communication across cultures, cross culture negotiation, multicultural team, leadership and motivation in cross culture management) These should be referenced. This part you need to choose at least choose 4-5 competences within theories and concepts to do self-evaluation.

Section 2 should contain a development plan for the next six months. This should take into consideration the self-evaluation in Section 1 and identify two specific competencies  (taken from the module topics) that you would like to develop further in those six months.

Explain how you are looking to develop the chosen competencies. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of relevant concepts, tools, frameworks, theories and literatures on the topic (see module topics and relevant readings). Demonstrate ability to apply this understanding of the topic in informing your self-development plan.

The plan should be SMART containing specific, measurable, achievable and realistic targets. A table can be used as a starting point in discussing your SMART Plan. Include practical plans for HOW you will achieve your targets. Identify opportunities to support your plan.

Include a reference list and acknowledge all sources used in the assignment
Particular instructions to students:

Include a Harvard reference list and acknowledge all sources used in the assignment.

Topic One….Management Competencies in a Multicultural Environment

Topic two.       Learning and reflective practice

Topic three.    The nature of culture.

Topic four.      Tools for cultural analysis.

Topic five.      Cross cultural management styles.
Topic six.        Communicating across cultures.

Topic seven.   Cross cultural negotiation. Assignment 2  Detailed Briefing

Topic eight.    Themulti-cultural team.

Topic nine.      Leadership and motivation in an international/ cross cultural context .

Topic ten.       Ethics and International Management Competencies.  Assignment 2 Discussion. Module Review.

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