international competition laws

Topic: Essay on a current issue of international competition laws
preferred style (as set out in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, 3nd ed, 2010) this the link:

Potential Essay Topic Areas:
You can choose any of following topic areas:

1. Competition Law and Intellectual Property
i.e. interrelation of competition law and IP law; existing problems of the IP-related
provisions in the competition laws in different jurisdictions.

2. Competition Law and Cyberspace/Knowledge Economy
i.e. antitrust issues in Microsoft and Google cases; impacts of the Internet on competition laws.

3. International Enforcement of the Competition Law i.e. anti-trust lawsuit against multinational companies; enforcing competition law in Cyberspace; harmonization of the international competition laws: possibilities and obstacles; or comparative study on competition law: similarities/differences of competition laws in EU, US, and Australia.

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