Interaction Design.

Assignment 1
Individual work (15 % final grade)
This assignment tests Objective 1
After reading the first 5 chapters of the course text Interaction Design: Beyond
Human-Computer Interaction published by John Wiley & Sons answer the following
questions by using what was learned from reading. To do this select one of the
following applications:

– a discussion board (there are many on the Internet that cover a wide variety
of topics. Microsoft or Yahoo groups can be used);
– an Instant Messaging System (IM);
– a Blog (personal web diary) or Wiki (e.g., Wikipedia); or
– a text system on your cell phone or handheld device.

Analyze this application by answering the following questions. All these questions,
except the first one, are based on the text and require applying the knowledge that
was learn from the readings. Suggested lengths for answers are given and do not
write excessively long answers:

1. briefly describe the users for whom the application is designed and its basic

2. go to page 31 of Interaction Design (Chapter 1), answer parts a, b, e of the

3. describe the conceptual model that underlies the design of your application
(Chapter 2);

4. describe the social interaction that the application supports (Chapter 4); and

5. describe (i) the affective aspects of the application and (ii) the frustrating
aspects of the interface (Chapter 5).

Each question is worth 3% of the total grade for this assignment.
Write about one page for each question. Diagrams and screen grabs can be
counted as extra and should be included if they help to make the answer clearer.

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