initiation of sexual relationships and sexual activity

Part C: Brief Answer Questions (3 points each; total 21 points)

Below each question, provide a brief (three or four sentences) response.

1. From Matlin’s chapter 9, describe how gender roles are relevant in terms of the initiation of sexual relationships and sexual activity.

2. Matlin (chapter 10) notes that psychologists have conducted less research on issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood compared to any of the other topics covered in her textbook. Suggest two research projects that could be used to clarify how women experience these three important events in their lives.

3. Matlin has described how men and women are often treated differently. Apply this theme to the following topics: a) biases against women in health care; and b) women with disabilities. (see Matlin’s chapter 11)

4. What factors help to explain why women are more likely than men to develop depression? (see Matlin’s chapter 12)

5. What are some of the common myths about sexual harassment, rape, and abuse? What do these myths reveal about society’s attitudes towards men and women? (see Matlin’s chapter 13)

6. Imagine that a middle-aged friend is experiencing menopause. What information would you give her about hormone replacement therapy? (see Matlin’s chapter 14)

7. Of all of the topics you have studied in this course, which issue related to women is particularly important to you? Why? If you wanted to raise awareness about this issue, what strategies (see Matlin’s chapter 15) could you adopt on becoming an activist?


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