Information media, society, culture and interpretation-critical social theory, postmodernism

Information media, society, culture and interpretation-critical social theory, postmodernism. The major themes associated with this essay are to be: Post-stucturalism, Post-modernism, Hyperreality, Media saturation, Advertising, Efficiency, and Paralogy. The questions to be answered are: Is there a media society? What is the relationship between information and advertising, television, databases, and computers in general? Are we, in fact, doomed? Given that we are doomed what can we do about it? This paper is supposed to be concise and to the point, there is absolutely no need for “excess” information. But it is supposed to be easy to understand so that someone who has not read the texts gets it. Also it is supposed to raise a new idea from the texts. It is supposed to make you think. This essay is supposed to tie all of these text together in some way.

This essay is supposed to come from texts of Marx, Baudrillard, Foucalt, and Lyotard. I will provide the specific Marx, Baudrillard, and Foucalt texts that are supposed to be used but the Lyotard text to be used is the “Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge”. I have also provided two handouts on the “Postmodern Condition” and Baudrillard that are supposed to help you understand exactly how my professor thinks and wants us to comprehend them. You must comprehend things his way but also raise questions and make him think about what he is in fact saying.

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