Part A: What are some of the impediments to good decision making? Given the availability of copious information, why do good managers still make bad decision? (Schernerhorn et al., 2011, p.73). Explain referring to theory in your answer. (Approximately 1700 words).
Part B: Critically reflect on your own ability to make good decisions. Use examples from your own experience to explain how your decision making process influenced the outcomes of those decisions. (Approximately 300 words).
[word counts do not include references, reference list and headings and you may vary within 10% of these word limits]
The aims of the assessment are:
• to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the sorts of challenges that managers face
• to encourage in-depth research on the context of contemporary management and the skills and abilities that are required when managing in this changing context.
• to develop skills in presenting a balanced presentation of management theory and organisational practice to the reader.
• to develop and practice formal written communication skills.
• to critically reflect on your own philosophy, goals and skills around managing.
Marking criteria

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