Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism

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Theological Book/Article Review: Infant Baptism.

Tip Sheet, they should keep in mind the following writing tips:

1. The reviews are to be a length of 8-10 pages of content (excluding title page, abstract, and references cited). Margins should be 1” all the way around. Use a 12-point font for writing.

2. You must use at least eight (8) legitimate outside sources in this section of the paper.

3. Students must document sources and write in a style that they are most comfortable using (APA, SBL, Chicago, etc.). A reference or bibliography page is required.

4. Be sure to include a title page with your name.
5. Be sure to paginate the paper (indicate a page number on each page of the body of the paper.

6. Be sure to use spell check to identify simple misspellings and poor grammar.

7. Proper headings and sub-headings should be used throughout the paper.

8. Also be sure to include a clear thesis statement for your paper (what you are writing about, and what you are hoping to accomplish with the paper) on the first page of the paper, or in an abstract.

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