In What Way Does Pricing Impact On Consumer Buying Behaviour of FMCG in the UK: A Case Study of Unilever

Pleasse note the following:-

Referencing Method: Harvard(Anglia) Referencing Style

Line Spacing: 1.5

Word Style: Times New Roman (Size 12)

Questionnaire: Use SPSS

For the QUESTIONNAIRE, There will be Four Parts:-

PART A: Social Demographic




-Household Income

PART B: Consumer Buying Behaviour

-Why are they buying?

– How often they buy?

PART C: Pricing

PART D: Customer SAtisfaction

On top of the questionnaire, put the topic of the dissertation. After that, write an Introduction(Eg. to investigate-tittle). Then write that ” this survey is part of

my BABS-used only for academic purposes.”

Please use ProQuest and Ebsco Host to create the questionnaire. Search articles on “Measuring the impact of pricing.(Strategies)

For Example:-

Which Type of the FMCG products you buy?

-Dish wash


Which of the following factors best explained why you purchased Unilever products?




**P.S. Questionnaire need to be open and close ended questions.

Close ended need at least 20-25 questions

References: MAJORITY have to be from Journal Articles,Articles,Reports,Books and LESS from Websites

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