impact of foreign investment

Paper instructions:
So the first page you need to watch this and answer this 2 Q:

3. Consider the impact of foreign investment on the host country. If the allegations against Wal-Mart prove to be true, discuss the consequences of the company’s actions in Mexico. What are the potential implications of this type of behavior for the host country? What does it mean for local companies?

4. Reflect on the organizational culture at Wal-Mart. In your opinion, did the company’s goals of quickly gaining a dominant position in Mexico contribute to unethical and possibly illegal behavior by executives in charge of the company’s foreign expansion? Do you think that a lack of knowledge about the local culture contributed to poor decision making by Wal-Mart executives?
the second and 3rd page answer this:

Hofstede’s dimensions of culture:
1-Power distance – how a society deals with the fact that people are unequal in physical and intellectual capabilities

2-Uncertainty avoidance – the relationship between the individual and his fellows

3-Individualism versus collectivism – the extent to which different cultures socialize their members into accepting ambiguous situations and tolerating ambiguity

4-Masculinity versus femininity -the relationship between gender and work roles


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