Impact of cultural perspectives on stuttering and the implications in therapy

II. Different cultures perspectives on stuttering
a. Eastern (Asian) culture
Taiwan, Japan, China,
b. African culture (Africa continent)
South Africa, tribal, other countries
c. Australian culture
New Zealand, Aboriginal, Australia
d. Indian culture
The country of India
e. U.S. culture
White, Black, Hispanic

III. Cultural Considerations in assessing/evaluation/therapy

III. Cultural implications in therapy
a. What are some of the culture influences that are being used today in therapy?
ex: Indian culture=meditation
Eastern culture=mindfulness therapy, controlling one’s thoughts, chinese healing or acupuncture, etc.

South African culture=zulu healers, medicine doctors, etc.

US culture=cognitive behavior therapy, stuttering modification, fleuncy shaping, etc.

Australian culture=Lidcombe program, camperdown program, etc.

IV. Conclusion
Talk about the need for cultural considerations in treating different children, talk about the cultural perspectives has produced current day therapy and moving in the right direction



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