I, Reading: Tocqueville, Of Democracy in America pp. 567-578.

1. On page 570, Tocqueville mentions the difficulties that aristocratic women had in marriage. How is that connected to the question of “the art of being free” that we

had seen before?
2. How do Revolutions behave at the start, according to Tocqueville?
II, Reading: Tocqueville, Of Democracy in America, pp. 607-617; 639-677
3. Tocqueville believes that democratic people love change but “dread revolutions.” Explain
the reason behind his argument.
4. What does Tocqueville mean by a new class of aristocratic persons? How is that different
than reestablishing an aristocracy?
–    Answer 4 questions with at least 1 page per question. Write down the question number before answering it.
–    Reading for question 1 and 2 is from page 567 to 578, and for #3 and #4 for are 607-617, 639-699.
–    You have to read it carefully.
–    Some pages need to be rotated and sorry about that.

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