Hypothetical Project

You may choose any topic for your final presentation and report, as long as it is important to you. Your topic may relate to a real project you’re involved with at work or through an internship; it may be a topic that will benefit you in your next job; it may simply be something you’re interested in learning more about. If your project is not real, you will create a hypothetical situation for which research and reporting on your topic would be appropriate. The hypothetical situation may involve either an internal or external audience, depending upon how you set it up; you will direct your communications toward this chosen audience.

Project Requirements:

1. Create a four-page report (not including graphics, references, or cover page) explaining your project, necessary background information, the problem or opportunity, purpose, scope, methodology, and a schedule for implementation of the project if relevant.

Your written report is to be double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, with no headers or footers; references are not considered a part of the writing requirement.

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