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You need to consider: -What have I learnedlexperienced from my industry placement (if completed)? -How have I dev eloped over the semester in this and other units? –

How have I developed these skills outside my coursework? Job.Description: EDA Engineers At EDA we remain at the forefront of technology and best practice. We are

looking for graduate entrants to help us make happen. Selection Criteria Ex periencelKnowIedgelSkiIls based 1-Ability to communicate effectiv ely, both v erbally and

in writing, with staff at all levels. 2-Ability to plan, prioritise and organise work to ensure pre-determined deadlines are met. 3-Prov en ability to display

flexibility of approach in order to meet changing requirements and situations. 4-Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. 5-Interpersonal

skillsthat indicate the ability to foster the trust and cooperation of others. 5-Demonstrated problem solving skills including the ability to translate research and

investigations. 7-High Iev el of computer literacy skills and ability to use common corporate software packages, including Microsoft Office applications into clearly

defined practical solutions. B-Good interpersonal skills with an ability to work within a multi-disciplined team env ironment, engage stakeholders and work

collaboratively. 9-Knowledge and capacity to implement EEO, WH&S and Environmental Management principles. (Refer to the Literacy Skills Week 4 folder for all

resources.) i hav e attached them Marking criteria REFLECTION CONSTRUCTION I3 Awell-structured reflective piece with clear sentences and paragraphs linked to support

each other Clear and concise writing free from typographical and grammatical errors PERSONAL REFLECTIONS /4 Extensiv e evidence and personal responses to a number of

issues raised in the reflection ARGUMENTS AND DISCUSSION I3 Clearly expressed opinions and arguments

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